Bariatric Surgery Turkey: Is bariatric surgery reversible?

Bariatric Surgery Turkey: Is bariatric surgery reversible?

Bariatric Surgery

Is it possible to reverse bariatric surgery in Turkey? Bariatric surgery or weight loss surgery is a treatment method for obesity. Using medical procedures the size of the stomach is being reduced so it contains less food than before the operation. As a result the patient is loosing weight.

Can this procedure be reversed?

It depends, what type of baratric surgery was used. One of the methods is called sleeve gastrectomy. It means, a part of the stomach is removed in the course of the operation. This procedure can’t be reversed. The stomach will keep its smaller size for life. But there are other mehods, which can be reversed, at least theoretically. In one of these methods a gastric band is being placed (with a lapascopic operation) around the upper part of the stomach. It reduces the size of the stomach and therefore the intake of food. That gastric band can bei rermoved.

Another bariatric surgery is calles “gastric bypass“. The surgeon is dividing the stomach in 2 parts, a small upper part which functiones normal and a larger lower part, which is going to be remnant. Small intestines, blood vessels and nerves have to be rearranged. This type of bariatric surgery is the most common performed. It is reversible, but not so easy.

What are the problems?

After bariatric surgery, large parts of the stomach are loosing their normal function. If the surgical procedure is reversed, it will not be the same as before. Your stomach will not recover completely . Surgeons will do their best to rejoin nerves and previously disconnected blood vessels, but they are no wizards. You will very likely be suffering from stomach problems such as pains, cramps and indigestion. Your stomach is going to be weak.

The fault is not with the doctors, it’s mother nature doing this. It is not easy to operate on tissue, which had been operated on before. Wounds are going to heal much slower and complications are much more likely to occur. Another aspect is the fact, that each surgical procedure carries a risk. With a reversal of a bariatric surgery you double that risk (if not more).

When is bariatric surgery being reversed?

That step is only taken, if there is no other option. For example if the patient develops negative reactions or something is seriously wrong. But just because someone is not happy with the operation and with the way life is after surgery, no doctor will reverse that surgery. It means basically, life or health of the patient have to be in severe danger, before bariatric surgery is going to be reversed.