Gastric balloon in Turkey / Antalya: procedure, costs and service

Gastric balloon in Turkey / Antalya: procedure, costs and service

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Gastric balloon in Turkey / Antalya: procedure, costs and service

You can get a gastric balloon in Turkey / Antalya too cheap

In Antalya you can have a gastric balloon inserted at lower prices than in Germany and the procedure abroad includes comprehensive service and modern treatment methods so that the operation is quick and uncomplicated. The specialist surgeon places the gastric balloon in your stomach in Turkey / Antalya. You can find out about the costs in advance in order to plan the pricing.

Losing weight with a gastric balloon

In Turkey / Antalya, trained specialist surgeons offer various options for stomach reduction, including the use of gastric balloons. The surgeon places the balloon in your stomach during an operation that lasts around half an hour.

The balloon makes you feel full when you eat, eat less and lose weight. While this simple principle doesn’t call for a change in diet, you should take the opportunity to change your eating habits. This step will prevent you from gaining weight again later because a few months later the surgeon will remove the balloon to avoid any risk.

Gastric balloon surgery – an overview of the procedure

First, make an appointment with your doctor in Turkey to get all the information about the stomach reduction. You can agree on a date for the operation with the doctor in good time.The procedure is one of the routine surgeries in Antalya and is considered a simple procedure in which the surgeon inserts the balloon into your stomach as an oval capsule.

The doctor performs the approximately 30-minute operation in the form of a gastroscopy – a gastroscopy – on an outpatient basis. After the gastroscopy, the doctor fills the balloon with gas or a saline solution.

Alternatively, you can swallow the capsule.

After 3 to 6 months, the surgeon removes the balloon to prevent irritation of the stomach lining and the resulting nausea and vomiting.In order for you to be able to finance the procedure, you should have an overview of the prices and draw up a private financing plan.

Gastric balloon in Turkey / Antalya – costs

The price for the use of the gastric balloon turkey is made up of different factors that affect the operation and the service.

In Antalya you can expect costs for Gastric Balloon from 2,490 euros. The calculation is based on check-up appointments, the diagnostics, which consist of internal, cardiological and obesity diagnostics.

In addition, you pay for the blood draw, laboratory costs and medicines. The medical part is supplemented by services that affect the costs individually.

Service around the operation

For the price to be paid, you are entitled to care and advice before and after the operation. Your conversation partner speaks German and English.

The service includes a reliable transfer within Turkey to get you to the hospital quickly and safely from any location. In the clinic you are entitled to 2 overnight stays with full board for the gastric balloon in Turkey / Antalya.