Gastric Sleeve Türkiye: Cost & Procedure

Gastric Sleeve Türkiye – Cost & Procedure: Discover the affordable weight loss surgery options in Turkey. Learn about the cost and procedure for effective obesity treatment.

Gastric Sleeve in Türkiye / Antalya

Gastric sleeve surgery is a life-changing and highly effective weight loss procedure that can help you achieve and maintain a healthy body weight. This surgery is designed to remove about 75% of the stomach’s mass, which reduces the amount of food that you can consume and helps you feel full faster. Additionally, gastric sleeve surgery can also decrease the production of the hormone ghrelin, which is responsible for triggering feelings of hunger, making it an ideal option for individuals struggling with appetite control.

Undoubtedly, Turkey is a top destination for gastric sleeve surgery. The country offers world-class medical facilities and equipment, highly skilled surgeons, and affordable prices. In Turkey, a significant percentage of the population speaks English, making it easy for international patients to communicate with the medical professionals. The surgical procedure is typically performed under general anesthesia, with minimal incisions in the chest cavity, and the recovery time is relatively short.

In summary, if you’re seeking a comprehensive solution to manage your weight and improve your overall health, gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey should be on top of your list of options to explore.

Gastric Sleeve in Türkiye: – Before – After

Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Türkiye: Cost & Pricing

The cost of gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey is a common concern for many patients. This surgery is performed by experienced specialists in leading hospitals or medical centers across Turkey. While costs may vary depending on the level of luxury and surgeon’s experience, Turkish hospitals offer high quality and safe care. With high safety standards and experienced surgeons, you can be confident in choosing Turkey for your sleeve gastrectomy. Additionally, Turkey offers a cost-effective alternative to most European countries, with prices ranging between four and five thousand Euros. Our surgeons use the latest technology and provide nutritional guidance for the first few weeks after surgery. In short, Turkey offers world-class care at an affordable price. Please contact us to discuss your weight loss surgery options.

gastric sleeve

The Gastric Sleeve in Turkey is designed to reduce your stomach by about 80-90%...

gastric bypass

If a stomach-OP using a bypass technique is carried out in Turkey, a part of the digestive tract is bypassed by the surgical procedure...

gastric baloon

With the help of the gastric balloon in Turkey, you will not only get a faster saturation feeling, this can also be removed...

gastric band

The gastric band is made of silicone and is used by the surgeon in Turkey during the surgical procedure on the upper part of the stomach...

Who is considered suitable for a Gastric Bypass?

In general, those suffering from obesity – i.e. with at least a body mass index (BMI) of 40 (40 kg/m2) or severe physical deficits at a BMI value of 35 – especially over a longer period – may undergo bariatric surgery for health reasons.


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Gastric Sleeve in Türkiye, Antalya – FAQ

If you want weight loss surgery in Türkiye, it’s important to know that surgery is a last resort. You should try other options like diet changes, lifestyle changes, and medicine first. You can only have surgery if your body mass index (BMI) is 40 or more, or if it’s 35, and you have health problems for at least three years. Likewise, you have to be an adult and not older than 65. Furthermore, you can’t have surgery if you have mental health concerns, or if you drink too much alcohol or use drugs. Before the surgery, your doctor in Turkey will help you with a program that includes things like talking to a doctor for six to twelve months, changing your eating and exercise habits, and getting help for mental health issues.

Before a gastric surgery in Turkey, doctors need to check your esophagus, stomach, and duodenum to make sure there’s no inflammation, ulcers, or tumors. They’ll also use ultrasound to check your pancreas, gallbladder, and liver, and they might do an ECG and lung function test to make sure you’re ready for anesthesia. You’ll start drinking protein-rich liquid food about 10 to 14 days before your surgery to help you lose weight and reduce any fatty liver you might have. Don’t drink alcohol for at least 48 hours before the surgery, and stop smoking at least 30 days before the procedure to reduce your risk of pneumonia and help you heal better. Your doctor in Turkey will provide you with more information about all of this.

After having surgery on your stomach using a tube, you need to wait for 6 months before you can give blood.

Turkey is extremely reliable for sleeve gastrectomy surgeries. With state-of-the-art equipment and skilled surgeons, you can lose weight safely.

World-Class Medical Facilities:

Turkey boasts state-of-the-art medical facilities equipped with the latest technology, rivaling those found in Western countries. These facilities adhere to rigorous international standards, ensuring patient safety and comfort throughout their journey.

Experienced Medical Professionals

The country is home to a skilled and experienced cadre of surgeons and healthcare professionals, many of whom have received their training and certifications from esteemed institutions worldwide. These experts specialize in bariatric surgeries, including gastric sleeve procedures.

Cost-Effective Surgery

One of the primary reasons patients choose gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey is the cost-effectiveness. The overall expense, including surgery, hospital stay, accommodations, and aftercare, is notably lower than in many Western countries. This affordability doesn’t compromise the quality of care, making Turkey an attractive option for medical tourists.

No Waiting Lists

In many Western countries, patients often face long waiting times for elective surgeries like gastric sleeve procedures. In Turkey, there are generally no waiting lists, allowing patients to schedule their surgeries at their convenience.

Comprehensive Pre- and Post-Operative Care

Turkey’s healthcare providers offer comprehensive pre-operative assessments to ensure that patients are suitable candidates for gastric sleeve surgery. Postoperatively, patients receive diligent care to monitor their progress and address any potential complications promptly.

Beautiful Destinations

Combining medical treatment with a vacation is a popular trend in medical tourism, and Turkey offers a unique advantage in this regard. Patients can recover in stunning locations like Antalya, enjoying the beauty and culture of the country during their healing process.

Cultural Experience

Turkey’s rich history and diverse culture provide an enriching experience for medical tourists. Exploring ancient landmarks, tasting local cuisine, and interacting with friendly locals can make the journey more memorable.

Multilingual Staff

Many healthcare providers in Turkey employ multilingual staff, including English-speaking professionals, to ensure effective communication with international patients. This reduces language barriers and enhances patient comfort.

Stringent Safety Standards

Turkey has implemented strict safety protocols and regulations to guarantee patient safety in all medical procedures. International patients can have confidence in the quality of care they receive.

Ease of Travel

Turkey’s strategic location makes it easily accessible from Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Numerous international airports and excellent transportation infrastructure facilitate hassle-free travel for medical tourists.

In summary, choosing gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey offers a compelling combination of affordability, world-class medical facilities, experienced professionals, and a unique opportunity to explore a beautiful country. Patients can embark on their weight loss journey with confidence, knowing they are in capable hands in this medical tourism destination.

Gastric sleeve surgery, which is a common weight loss procedure, is available in Turkey at a highly competitive starting price of €2,790. The cost of the surgery may vary according to the unique needs and preferences of each patient, such as the surgeon’s expertise, the extent of the procedure, the location, and facilities of the hospital, and the aftercare services provided. When choosing a hospital and surgeon for gastric tube surgery, patients should carefully consider all of these factors, as well as the hospital’s reputation, track record, and safety record. Medical tourism in Turkey has become increasingly popular due to the affordability and high quality of medical care available, and patients can rest assured that they will receive excellent care and attention throughout their stay.

You can drink alcohol 6 months after gastric tube surgery.

Patients who have chosen a stomach reduction (sleeve gastrectomy) in Turkey, are never allowed to eat normal portions since there is simply no more space available. This means, that not only a comprehensive diet is essential, also the purchase should be very reasonable in the future. If too much food is consumed too quickly, the affected patient may feel pain, nausea and vomiting. Moreover, no medication should be taken that is harmful to the gastric mucosa (e.g., aspirin, cortisone, rheumatism, etc.). Immediately after a gastric-OP, the patient starts with his diet. As a rule, within the first four weeks only liquid food is allowed to take in form of broth, tea, coffee, unsweetened coal, low acid beverages as well as fruit, vegetables, juices and yogurt. Afterwards the general food change begins on the basis of a gradual cost-building (5-7 small meals per day), which is discussed with their specialist team of doctors in Turkey.

The success of weight loss after a gastric-OP in Turkey are very different – but always strong correlated to the motivation of the patient – and how he complied with the guidelines for food and life change. According to studies, the weight reduction is in motivated patients up to 70 % within the first two years. However, especially the restrictive surgery-techniques could be “outsmart” by the patient, if he eats large amounts of liquid or soft high calorie food. It is also possible that a sleeve gastrectomy, which was previously implemented in Turkey, slowly expand due to large portions (in approximately 30 % of all patients). That is why many patients who do not adhere to the new lifestyle, slightly increase their weight after about 2-5 years – some of them even the total lost weight! Note: Long-term studies show that surgical procedures in Turkey, such as the sleeve gastrectomy surgery, have been clearly superior compared with conservative methods of treatment.

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