Obesity surgery in Antalya: happy without pounds through permanent weight loss

Obesity surgery in Antalya: happy without pounds through permanent weight loss

Obesity surgery in Antalya happy without pounds through permanent weight loss

Obesity surgery in Antalya: Obesity is a civilization disease that is becoming more and more widespread, especially in our latitudes. Many adults, but also children, suffer from obesity. This condition is also known as overweight or obesity. However, a change in diet and a bit of exercise are often not enough to remedy the situation. Stomach reduction must be done to reduce food intake. A stomach reduction in Turkey is particularly recommended for this purpose.

Why an obesity surgery in Antalya?

Turkey has stood for medical interventions of the highest quality for many years. The country has specialized in a wide variety of cosmetic but also medically important procedures. The stomach reduction in Turkey is one of them.

Special teams of doctors take care of the patients comprehensively, take care of them before and after the operation and thus ensure that the difficult but important procedure is carried out with the highest quality. The follow-up care of the patients is also secured for a stomach reduction in Turkey.

Which costs have to be planned?

For the stomach reduction in Turkey, the costs are variable. There are some key data that can certainly be mentioned in the field of obesity surgery. However, a distinction must be made as to what type of operation is performed.

There is the gastric sleeve, the gastric bypass, the gastric balloon or the gastric band. Depending on the operation, the stomach reduction in Turkey costs.

We therefore recommend that you read the information on the respective operations on our website. You will also receive initial information about the costs of stomach reduction in Turkey. You will find out, among other things, that the gastric sleeve can be offered from EUR 2790 including all services.

However, in order to get a correct overview of the gastric reduction costs in Turkey, we recommend a personal conversation. You have to look at what requirements you have and what goals you are pursuing. We therefore recommend that you contact us personally.

Invest in your health

A slim body is not only for aesthetic reasons. Above all, it is important to do something good for your health. And that only works if you are fit. A fit body includes a weight that is appropriate for height and age. You can achieve this goal with a stomach reduction here in Turkey.

So let us advise you and start today into a new and healthy future. Together we will pave the way for this. We look forward to accompanying you.