Weight reduction in Turkey / Antalya: After gastric sleeve surgery

Weight reduction in Turkey / Antalya: After gastric sleeve surgery

Weight reduction after gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey Antalya

Weight reduction in Turkey / Antalya greatly simplifies weight loss for overweight people.

Classic diets require a complete change in your diet if you want to lose weight quickly and successfully. Weight reduction with gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey / Antalya requires less effort and ensures rapid weight reduction in the long term and you will achieve your desired weight with the surgical stomach reduction and you can change your eating habits at the same time.

Simply lose weight with gastric sleeve surgery

Many patients see a stomach reduction as a saving grace to lose weight. Weight reduction is based on a daily calorie deficit through reduced food intake.

During the procedure, the surgeon reduces the stomach by a certain volume, which means that you automatically eat less and achieve a calorie deficit.

Weight reduction in Turkey thanks to a reduced stomach

After the operation, you reduce your weight by eating less food, because the much smaller organ can only hold a small amount of food. You only eat about 10% of your previous amount, because the specialist surgeon removes up to 90% of your stomach during the operation.

During the gastric sleeve operation in Antalya are under general anesthesia. The doctor operates on you for about 1 hour via a small incision in the abdominal wall.

In this minimally invasive procedure, the surgeon fills your stomach with gas to facilitate access to the organ. The surgeon clamps the lower part of your stomach and removes the excess part of the organ.

The surgeon pulls the separated gastric juice through a recovery bag through an abdominal working channel and uses a dye to check the tightness of the clip. When the clip seals your stomach, the surgeon ends the procedure.

After the procedure, you only eat small amounts. You should also change your diet on this occasion.

Gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey / Antalya – Information for patients

Surgical stomach reduction using the gastric sleeve method even helps extremely overweight patients lose weight. For lasting success, you should change your eating habits.

For sufferers who continue to consume fatty and sugary foods, surgeons recommend the gastric bypass procedure. Therefore, you should deliberately consider a healthy lifestyle to lose weight with the gastric sleeve in the long term.

After gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey, you quickly lose a lot of weight. You should build on this success and opt for healthy food in the future. If you follow this advice, you will see significant gains in weight just a few weeks after surgery. The positive result is due to the new shape of your stomach.

Weight reduction in Turkey: The effect of gastric sleeve surgery

After a successful procedure, only a small portion of food will fit in your stomach. Due to the small volume, you will feel full sooner because the food quickly fills the small volume. That is why the gastric sleeve surgery in Antalya supports all patients who prefer a healthy lifestyle and want to lose a lot of weight in a short time.