Mini Gastric Bypass in Turkey / Antalya

Mini Gastric Bypass in Turkey / Antalya

Mini Gastric Bypass in Turkey Antalya

Mini Gastric Bypass in Turkey / Antalya

For people suffering from life-threatening obesity, a mini gastric bypass in Turkey is an excellent alternative to a conventional gastric bypass. The operation is much easier and faster. Nevertheless, it contributes to weight loss, so that you get a completely new attitude towards life. A mini bypass in Turkey in Antalya has numerous advantages.

What is mini bypass surgery?

The surgical procedure is also referred to as an omega loop bypass. The main difference between the conventional bypass (Roux-Y bypass) is that with this operation only one connection is made. With the Roux-Y bypass, on the other hand, two connections are made because an additional connection to the small intestine has to be made. Of course, this makes the operation more expensive and also more time-consuming. The mini gastric bypass in Turkey significantly reduces the amount of food that can be consumed after the procedure. Because your stomach is much smaller than before.

In addition, the appetite control of the intestinal fungi changes and the hormone level also changes. This regulates the appetite. In general, the weight loss that can be achieved after surgery is comparable to that of a Roux-Y bypass. The advantage is that surgeons can perform the omega loop bypass on you even if the conditions in your abdomen are extremely tight. In principle, the procedure is therefore a cost-effective and quick alternative to a conventional gastric bypass.

How does the mini gastric bypass in Turkey / Antalya work?

Of course, before the surgical intervention, there is a detailed consultation with the specialists. The first step in the surgery is then to divide your stomach into two parts with the help of an endoscopic device. A new and narrower gastric pouch is now formed from these two parts. However, most of your stomach remains in the body and continues to produce digestive juices even after surgery. However, the food no longer reaches the severed stomach area.

Between 1.50 and 2 meters of the small intestine are bypassed with an intestinal loop. As a result, the food passes from the new, narrow stomach pouch directly into the small intestine, where it meets the digestive juices. By bypassing the duodenum and jejunum, food and calorie intake is significantly reduced. The operation takes around one to three hours in total. To give your body enough time to regenerate, a mini bypass in Turkey / Antalya requires a hospital stay of around four days. After the operation, you will first start a liquid diet to slowly get your body used to the change.

Mini bypass in Turkey / Antalya: these costs will come your way

The cost of the operation is much lower than that of a Roux-Y bypass. The costs for a bypass in UK are around 8,000 to 15,000 pounds. In Turkey, the price of the Omega Loop Bypass starts at 3,290 euros. Despite the lower price, you don’t have to do without excellent quality and the latest technology. The cost of living is the reason for a cheaper mini bypass in Turkey / Antalya. The costs are also kept low by government subsidies for the healthcare sector.