How Expensive Is Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Turkey/Antalya?

How Expensive Is Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Turkey/Antalya?

Gastric Sleeve in Turkey

How Expensive Is Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Turkey / Antalya?

A gastric sleeve surgery in Antalya is a huge and important step towards normal life for many overweight people. Being overweight not only limits mobility, but also makes you lonely, sick and shortens your life. That is why, taking a step for a sugery is always a way that provides relief in any part of the body.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Antalya – Why to Have It Done There?

Gastric sleeve surgeries are performed in many places around the world. So why in Antalya? The on-site staff specializes in all kinds of stomach reductions. They provide detailed advice, can examine the patients and accompany them on their way to weight loss. A gastric sleeve operation ensures that less food can be consumed afterwards. The stomach is significantly reduced and weight loss can happen naturally. It is important to mention that long-term weight reduction is the goal.

However, to achieve this goal, it is necessary that the patient adheres to some rules regarding food intake. For example, care must be taken to eat small portions so that the stomach does not expand and the weight gain starts all over again.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Turkey / Antalya: Costs and Services

In the context of gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey costs and services, there are a few things that we would like to mention at this point. So there are comprehensive services associated with this operation. The first priority is complete advice and care before and after the operation by the experienced team of doctors and nurses. Supervision is in in English or German depending on what the patient wants.

A complete diagnosis is made on site, which also includes internal and cardiological approaches. In addition, a blood sample will be taken and laboratory costs are already included in the price. Moreover, advice is given on the subject of obesity and action is taken accordingly.  This also applies to all necessary medication. There are check-up appointments that can be observed on site as well. Also, a complete transfer service within Turkey is offered for each patient.

Regarding the costs of a gastric sleeve operation, the offer is now EUR 2490. Depending on the effort and scope, this price is variable. The patient is given comprehensive advice on site within this price.