Sleeve gastrectomy surgery in Turkey

Sleeve gastrectomy surgery in Turkey

Sleeve gastrectomy surgery in Turkey

All about sleeve gastrectomy surgery in Turkey The last years you tried all kinds of diets and made endless exercises with no success in losing that much weight. Now you are considering seriously to go for a sleeve gastrectomy surgery in Turkey. You will get now all informations about the risks and benefits of that surgery.

Sleeve gastrectomy: The most important topics

The surgeons of the sleeve gastrectomy surgery in Turkey

will remove a big part of your stomach in this operation. They join the remaining portions together and form a sleeve. The stomach is looking like a banana. The small sack has the size of 1/10th of your normal stomach. When you eat, you can take a small portion to feel full. You are losing weight because you do not eat really much. The part of the stomach, which produces the hormone which makes your appetite bigger, is taken away.

Sleeve gastrectomy: The difference to gastric bypass operation

The surgeon forms a pouch which skips the most food from your stomach. It is going directly to the intestine. The gastric bypass operation is only possible if your body mass index is under forty. For all other people, who are heavier, this kind of surgery doesn’t work. They have to consider a different surgery method like the gastric sleeve surgery.

What happens at the gastric sleeve surgery

The surgery will take an hour and longer. Only a few little cuts in the belly are necessary to insert the laparoscope. A little camera is fixed on this instrument and sends pictures to a monitor. The surgeon will insert different other medical instruments through the tiny cuts. He removes 3/4 of your stomach. After that he forms the new tube, which is called sleeve. Be aware, that this procedure is permanent. Mostly you have to stay in the hospital two or three days long.

Your life after surgery

After the sleeve gastrectomy surgery in Turkey you have to drink much water and other clear liquids. The next four weeks you can take protein drinks and pureed foods. You have to change your eating habits at home. Eat soft solid foods in a very slowly way. Take much time to chew it. Wait thirty minutes before you drink clear liquids after you finished your meal. Don’t drink sweet sodas and avoid snacks. Mineral and vitamin supplements are good for you. Take them every day! After two or three months you can eat like before surgery, but no big portions.