When Diets Fail: Stomach Reduction in Antalya

When Diets Fail: Stomach Reduction in Antalya

When Diets Fail Stomach Reduction in Antalya

Severely overweight people usually suffer massively from their extra kilos. Your back hurts, your knees can’t keep up and your freedom of movement is severely restricted. But from what weight and under what conditions does a stomach reduction in Antalya make sense?

When does a stomach reduction make sense?

The method of choice is a stomach reduction in principle when very overweight people with a BMI over 40. When they cannot lose weight in any other way. In concrete terms, this means that attempts to lose weight, such as a controlled diet, have not led to the desired success. But even people with a lower BMI can possibly benefit from a stomach reduction in Antalya. If they already suffer from one or even various complications of the high weight. However, the decision for or against a gastric lining must be carefully considered as it is a serious procedure with various risks.

Which surgical procedures are summarized under this term?

Despite all the risks associated with a stomach reduction, a positive development should first be pointed out. Because the various forms of stomach lining can nowadays be carried out using the so-called keyhole technique. The gastric reduction is a laparoscopic operation. Fortunately, large abdominal incisions no longer have to be made. Only in exceptional cases does the stomach reduction have to be approached in other ways.
In principle, two different types of stomach reduction are distinguished from each other. Namely the restrictive as well as the malabsorptive gastric reduction.
The former is an operation that reduces the capacity of the stomach. As a result, even small amounts of food lead to saturation.
In contrast, malabsorptive gastric reduction is one in which the entire digestive tract is surgically modified in such a way as to achieve disruption of food absorption.

The most common surgical procedures referred to as “stomach reduction” include:

  • the gastric band
  • the gastric sleeve
  • the gastric bypass
  • biliopancreatic diversion

Stomach surgery in Antalya / Turkey

If you would like to have a stomach reduction in Antalya, you can contact experienced and well-versed doctors in Turkey. Stomach reduction surgery can help you finally lose weight and regain your long-term health.